Signs of the Times

There are indicators that suggest that society and its culture take between 20-50 years or so for significant change to occur. We see that at the very turn of the 20th century, again by the end of the roaring 1920s, the end of the 50s, and of course, the most significant demonstration of social and cultural change began with the radical counter-culture movement in 1969 cultivating with Woodstock that forever changed the nation and our society.

Now, 22 years into the 21st century, a new type of change is occurring that I believe will forever change this nation as well as those who hold to traditional Christian values. And to that, I'm referring to the LGBTQ movement which has become prevalent within the past 10 years, but nothing like we are seeing now. Our television programs are beginning to reflect this change, equally, and so are our films. Our literature, our politics, and even the very foods that we eat are packaged at times to celebrate this new cultural change which has seen a dramatic rise within the past few years. If there was any doubt left when it comes to gay and lesbian, and transgender topics being promoted within our society, that argument has forever been silenced. When Disney highlights a same-sex kiss within a movie that is based on a toy (Toy Story), then we can surely say without question that the fix is not just in, it is officially here to stay. There is no return to the values of the past folks, welcome to our new normal, like it or not.

We are living in a post-Christian America, and the sooner Christians come to this realization the better. Why? Because we lost the cultural war decades ago when the church became a philosophy relying on gimmicks and fads while seeking prosperity throughout the 1980s and throughout the 1990s. We got drunk on the spirit and laughed our way to the bank as we anticipated financial restitution by decreeing "money cometh" but when our culture needed Christ and the message of the cross the most, we were too busy being slain in the spirit, too busy with sleeping in the bed of the politics, wrapping ourselves up in the American flag, but the very society we are apart of continued its downward slide into perversion and despair. We were drunk, oblivious to the enemy which snuck in and made havoc on our land.

Today, the seeds of what was planted in the past have not only matured, it has blossomed into an array of assorted perversion which has now been deemed normal. And to voice opposition now would be costly, not only to the Christian but also to any pastor or church who would otherwise voice their disapproval. In other words, the genie is out of the bottle, for good.

So what should the Christian do in this new climate we find ourselves in that seems to only be growing more and more intolerant with each passing day of traditional Christian values and principles? We can only look to Christ himself when he stated in Luke 19:13 "Occupy until I come". Being salt and light is the only counter to this new change in our society, which has forever become the standard of what happens when social change comes at the expense of the gospel. We love people, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, however, we must hold to the truth regardless of what culture states is truth while demanding conformity because the gospel doesn't change, even if society changes. Ours is to remain faithful, for that is the burden of the cross to those who would follow.