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Dear Mr. President, Why do they hate you so much?

Grotesque. Offensive. Sacrilegious.

Those were the words used by some after watching the President walk from the Rose garden upon finishing his press conference, to the historic St. John's Church, a church that was initially set on fire by protestors, as President Trump stood, holding a bible for all the world to see. And yet the hatred for this man seems to only grow more vocal each day.

So why the hate? Why the animosity? Why the continual deluge that seems to plague each and every news cycle from morning to night, even late night? While I certainly don't have all the answers to this puzzling question, I do believe that in some regard, the answer might have less to do with why they hate this man, and more to do with what President Trump represents, America's exceptionalism.

When it comes to the nation, we are unique above all others. In simple terms, there is no other nation on earth to compare to the United States of America. Our uniqueness defines us as a people who are self-reliant, who deem the rule of law, our very Constitution as pivotal to our survival. We value our freedoms over any other ideology or belief, be it speech, the press, or the simple right to worship as we choose, these existential traits which are embedded within the very framework of our liberties, define us like no other. That's why they hate this particular man so much, not because of gaffs, ill-spoken words, or temperament, they hate him because he refuses to change.

President Trump represents an ideology of determination based upon strong leadership, self-reliance, and of course, faith. But it's what Trump rejects that has turned the world upside down, even to the point of actions that could be viewed as treason, and it's the rejection of Socialism, along with the rise of Globalism. This, in my view, singled out Trump for the rise of those on the left, who deem Trump as a stumbling block to the direction of the rest of the world.

Yet what concerns me even more than the rabble-rousers of the left, is the rise of religious scribes and pundits who are within the mainstream church, whose views of Trump are very much aligned with the Socialist left. These are the progressive pastors, the contemporary worship leaders, the younger generation who have become disillusioned by America's strength, and have believed a lie to such a degree that only their hatred is amplified more greater than their declaration of Christ. These are the true enemies of the cross.

They don't hate Trump because he's seemingly out of touch with societies changing times, nor do they hate Trump because he is wealthy (to a degree), no, they hate Trump because he is the last example of what America can still be, strong, effective, determined, and prosperous. That's why they hate him, because he refuses to embrace to some degree, a Socialist mindset, a Socialist economy, and to some degree, a Socialist theology. That, Mr. President, is why they hate you.