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"And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain." Revelation 13:15

A few nights ago, I had a dream that not only woke me up after it had ended, it (dream) lingered with me in a way that seemed to suggest God was giving me insight of the future. Now, I'm very cautious when I declare a "dream" is from God, for not every dream is of the Lord, nor of Satan. Sometimes, as Freud would say, "A dream is just a dream.". Yet there are dreams in which God clearly sends to suggest a warning, and with the dream that I had envisioned a few nights ago, I firmly believe God was giving me not only a message, but revealing to me the stark reality of what is coming to our world.

In the dream I watched a body of a man that had appeared before me. It was of a former world leader that even now, in my mind, I cannot venture to suggest who it was, but he was familiar to me, someone who the world knew, but had long since been deceased in our present world. I stood silently, watching the body of this individual, when suddenly he came to life. I was perplexed. I was shocked. I was frightened. My emotions were racing within my spirit as I watched this man who was fully, rightfully dead for generations at least - come alive and stood before me. It was then that I noticed something very odd (not to mention the biggest oddity - him returning from the dead) about his behavior, it was void of humanity. This person began to immediately curse and swear profusely. I knew immediately within my spirit that what I was seeing was not only wrong, but demonic, as this being began to grow taller, and quickly gain power - political power.

Instinct took over - spiritual instinct - as I began to rebuke the presence that stood before me. Then, as I mentioned the name of Jesus, "it" turned and came toward me in a menacing way, in such a way that it wanted to do me harm as it seemed agitated of both my presence, and more importantly, my using the name of Jesus Christ. Yet what startled me more was the mere fact that when I attempted to cast out the spirit that had obviously taken over this being's body, it was as if the Lord was reminding me that with this being, what or how it was created, it was given specific spiritual rights to not only possess this human frame, it was given power, wisdom and great knowledge, but worse, it was not subject to the name of Jesus Christ.

Some would question as to why such a being or entity would not submit itself to the name of Jesus? The reason, I believe it did not bow, was not because I did not have the authority, but it was because what this being was - artificial. This "person" was not a human being. This "person" was not subjected to spiritual laws in ways that we might think or understand in our limited frame. The fact is, and one that I believe is more accurately true in this situation, and has biblical truth, is that if this is indeed Satan's plan for the future, then it goes to reason that he will use technology to bring about part of his end time plan.

In Genesis 6:1-4 we see something very significant when it comes to Satan's devices, and it was one that was invoked to bring about change, global change by the mingling of fallen angels and human beings. It was this damnable act of angelic proportions in which giants, those who stood over 13-14 ft tall, ruled ruthlessly over the world and man. It was these same beings, the product of the seed of the old ones (fallen angels), who skilled man in the art of sciences, occultism and pagan worship. It was these monstrosities that God damned the moment that they were born.

This then leads me back to my dream in which I stood face to face with what I understand now is what I believe is coming in the future - a new technology in which Satan will utilize in some form or fashion that will make the name of Jesus itself mute - but not powerless. God allows Satan latitude to do his will or plan, it is God's ultimate design to show that all of man's efforts, as well as Satan's has a flaw, and that flaw is in his own making and rebellion. So why could I not cast out the spirit that was within the man whom I was confronted with? I'm going to take a step into another line of thinking than what most would like or agree to, but one we must fully understand which is our future, and that is that apparently there is coming a time on this planet that God has warned us is coming, where the power of God thru his church will become limited. That does not mean that the church will become power-less, on the contrary, the church of Jesus Christ still walking in that promise because of the cross. However, Satan equally has an understanding that he must persist in creating so that his plan will be accomplished, and I believe we are seeing that plan on the horizon with the advent of AI (artificial technology) and its use here on earth. Keep in mind that it is the mind of men who desire to be like God. It is the mind of men who dare to test the limit of his rights under God's instruction not to go where he is not permitted to go. It will be that same sentiment which, as we see today, with the goal of AI technology, that will eventually be used at some point in the future to bring about Satan's ultimate power grab over all of mankind.

Recently, Elon Musk made a stark prediction when it comes to AI and man's future, and that AI itself wants to summon the demon(s) and as to why even he does not know. Yet here we have just one man, a pioneer in 21st technology, who is warning of what could come in the future. This is where I believe the battle over the antichrist and the church will become challenged by the powers of darkness within the cloak of new technology.

Revelation 13:7 gives us a very clear understanding of this power and permission by the Lord to Satan, who will, at some point, bring all of this to pass, and persecute the church at some point in the last days. "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." Notice the word given, it implies specific power via permission to wage an all out war on the church (the saints). If the church had great power in the name of Jesus Christ, then it would equally be understood that at the name of Jesus, these beings would face significant rebuke. But how can an artificial life form that is not human, be under the same universal law of Christ? It can't because it's not human. That does not mean that they or whatever it is that would take possession of such a technological advancement in science, would not tremble at the name of Jesus, it simply means that God, in his own wisdom, will limit the church in the last days. This would, I believe, give reason as to why I could not (in the dream) cast out, nor rebuke the spirit that was within this vessel, for the vessel was not human, it was not subjected to the laws of physics, it stood outside the dimension of time and space, and was subjected to another law, the law of Satan. This is where things will become very strange and even concerning for the church in the last days.

I believe that AI will possibly play a significant role in the last days. I also believe that until then, AI will unfortunately be part of our changing society throughout the world. Yet it is also my belief that many things within the church will find itself facing that it did not count on due to traditional teachings. Either way, what I saw within the dream was discouraging, and troublesome, but one I believe was given to me as a warning, that at some point in the coming future, the church must rely on the Holy Spirit and his guidance, strengthened in the belief that the greater the darkness which is to rise, will give way to the greater one who will return and put all his enemies under his feet, including those who were creations by Satan himself. That being Jesus Christ.