“And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod and the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar” – (Gen.10:8-10).

There is a war on for your mind, as well as your soul, and those who do not learn from the past, understand the present, and ignore the future will find themselves enslaved to it eventually. -Christopher Gregory

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the developed world has seen a rapid advancement of technological leaps that would stagger the human minds of those who lived 100 years ago, or dare I say even 50 years ago. In just one decade alone, we have went from 3G to 4G and with the recent news of 5G coming later this year (2018), we are on the verge of stepping into a world where the age of technology will make the VCR look like a relic of the ancient past, the CD an embarrassing memory, and the Iphone a last fixture to our present world as we take a new step into the future without it.

The 21st century has now seen the advent of smart cars, AI technology and virtual reality which, at some point make our lives more labor-less, allowing men to become more independent and focus on things which can benefit him, his family and ultimately his community around him, much less the world itself. Yet that is exactly where we are heading when we see this new technology beginning to become reality - unifying the world to something man could only dream about. Utopia. That was what Karl Marx envisioned but never realized. That was what great philosophers lectured about, but could not dream it possible. And that was what the nations have wanted, but until now could never utilize. Yet it was always Satan's plan all along - because he did it before.

Before the dawn of the civilized 20th century, before radio, before television, before the invention of the light bulb, and before the information age there was another past, a past shrouded in mystery. This past was before the great pyramids of Egypt, before the two floods, before the rise of Babylon, it was the first of a golden age of Nimrod. The bible speaks of Nimrod as being a warrior hunter, a man who not only was exceptional at military conquest, he was a King, but not just a King, but a ruler. His hatred and rebellion against God was greater than his thirst for power. His entire goal was to bring the people under one rule (his alone) and lead them into a Utopia of civilized rule, where technology during his day was consistent to man's desire to not only conquer others, but rule the entire world. That was Nimrod. That was Babel. That was the past. Yet God stopped man's descent before he would aspire to greater heights than just a mere tower. He would stop man's ability to merge his knowledge of good and evil with Satan's. Hence the floods, the first being before the first man was created, and the second when Noah was walking the earth.

Now it seems yet again man is desiring to do what God strictly forbid, building that same tower of ignorance and pride, but now under the guise of a new type of Utopia, but this time under the lure of technology and prosperity. Just like Nimrod and the building of the tower under the guise of unity, economic prosperity and even religious unity, today we are seeing the exact sentiments being echoed now by all members of our world leaders, including Communist leaders within China and North Korea. Why? Why now? Because the same spirit that guided and possessed Nimrod, is the exact same spirit which is guiding and directing the world today under the same theme of unity - Globalism. This spirit to which I am referring to is none other than the spirit of Antichrist, schemed by Satan himself. So is it any wonder that the world is now echoing this same call for world unification in its music, books and film?

Recently my students wanted to see Black Panther a film I had no knowledge of prior to showing it to them, other than what I saw in passing on news quips about the recent box office ticket sales. So, thinking this was just another Marvel comic brought to life in movie fashion, I downloaded the movie and gave it to my students here in China where I live and teach. But something did not set right with me in my spirit, and so later the next day, I re-watched the movie at home to get a better understanding of just why this movie has become such a hit among children, as well as adults.

I do not write movie reviews. Nor do I suggest what people should or should not see. I believe that as a Christian, we have certain liberties which are given to us by Christ because of the cross, that same liberty is guided by the Holy Spirit, as he and he alone is the one who tells us what we should or should not partake in, other than what is clearly written in the word itself. So please understand, I will not, nor am I suggesting by any means what a Christian can do in their own walk. Yet I must examine all aspects of what is being presented so that I can clearly see what is facing us today in this modern age of knowledge that is transforming our world toward Babel once again.

Without going into specific issues with the film (Black Panther) such as story-line, acting and special effects, let me just say that this movie does indeed have a look and feel of a quality special effects film. I will grant the filmmakers that. Along with the effects, the movie is very pretty to watch. Yet when we examine the movie without the visual appeal, without the comic book atmosphere it was designed to appeal to (younger audience), when we put this movie into a more spiritual perception, then we begin to see exactly what this movie is preaching - Babel.

Black Panther is filled with occultism:


Ancestor worship

Animal shapeshifting


spiritual potions (blue flower power)

These alone run rampant within the film. While this movie does try to identify to African culture (it does not), it (the movie) does indeed project themes within the film that suggest what man today is aspiring to. The film lends heavily upon its identity, which is alien technology which crashed eons ago before the dawn of men in the form of Vibranium. This alien material is what literally changes the 5 tribes of Africa and brings forth a new form of technology that allows one nation (Wakanda) to establish a world within our world that gives its people the life which they never had in the past, nor the rest of the world. It's the same idea put forth in Genesis 6:1-4 when fallen angels came to earth, mingled with humanity and created a race of giants (the gods of mythology) who gave early man the ability and forbidden knowledge that God strictly prohibited. It's the same message in Black Panther.

In the entire film, Black Panther projects a system of multiple religions, but one. It projects the idea of many gods, but one. It relies upon many ways to those same gods, but one. I'm referring to Christ and the Christian faith. Keep in mind that whenever you hear the term "gods" being stated within this film (or any other) it is always referring to fallen angels. This is why Christianity in this new world being presented or represented in these types of ideas will not, nor ever be received, nor wanted. Because Christianity will always be rejected by the prince of this world - Satan.

Black Panther is nothing more than a propaganda film which is consistent with what is being preached today - Globalism under the guise of economic salvation thru technology. It is a complete rejection of Christ and Jehovah laid out in the word of God (the Bible) and it is a prophet of what is coming, the last golden age of one kingdom under one ruler. This ruler will be a global tyrant never seen before, and never again. It will cause the church of Jesus Christ to be hated by all men. Then, just as Jesus predicted, will cause God's wrath upon this world, and eventually its destruction.

That is the genuine message hidden behind the appeal of Marvel Comics "Black Panther". Should you watch it? I'll let you decide.