On the banks of the Yellow river not far from the North Korean border, a small group of believers, some of who had previously escaped from the enslavement that was found in North Korea and fleeing to the South, gathered together to send plastic bottles filled with rice, a USB, and attached to the bottle - a bible. Then to be cast into the sea, to float down the river, hopefully into the hands of a North Korean ready to receive their only source of information (USB) of what is going on in the outside world. A few cups of rice to feed one or two people (if not a family) and a bible, so that those who receive might hear the gospel of how God loves them, even under such brutality by one family in the age of a free and Democratic world.

Yet that was not, nor is not what's being reported in the news, so what is? Propaganda - of all sorts. If one listens to the news lately, both Western as well as Asia, it would almost appear (or seem) as if a peace treaty was signed between North Korea and South Korea, ending a nearly 53 year old war. If one listened to what's being promoted by Western media, it would appear (or seem) that Kim Jong Un has changed his sword for a plowshare and will unify both Koreas into one country, one people and one spirit. If one listened or even read recently the story coming out of Charisma magazine, they would assume that North Korea, primarily Kim Jong Un himself was about to open up North Korea to the outside world, and (as Charisma claims) would allow the gospel to venture into the northern kingdom openly and freely. (source)

So what is the truth in light of what is being spoken, wrote about and proclaimed? The truth is, no one in China, The United States or South Korea trusts Kim Jong Un fully. Nor is the past meeting between both Korean leaders* (Kim Jong Un* is a dictator and not an elected leader) and President Moon any more significant to what truly lays ahead. Nothing has truly changed since the meeting of both leaders*, especially in the north. Contrary to what Charisma recently advocated by suggesting that the North Korean leader is about to permit Christianity to come into its borders, the truth is opposite of what was said. That recently the North Korean regime has cracked down even more against the Christian faith. Political crack downs have been occurring within the border that runs counter to the South, as well as China. People are still starving. The death camps, as well as labor camps are still, contrary to what might be suggested, and as reports still come in from those who are successful in making it across the border from the North to the South, are telling an entirely different story, and that is nothing has changed since last week, actually, life within the North has gotten much worse.

Soon, President Trump will meet with Kim Jung Un along the DMZ in the next week or two this month (May). What will come from this meeting is hardly able to be determined. Yet if we understand history past, and the goal of the globalist future, as well if we understand prophecy as it relates to the last days, then it's reasonable to see as well as understand that whatever might come from this historic meeting will not achieve anything other than change, and if we understand how that change must occur, then it's also reasonable to assume that change can only come when a regime who has oversaw the mass murder of its own people removed. But this man - Kim Jung Un, will not go away quietly or peacefully. Until then, until his (Un) removal, then will we see people brought into true liberty and freedom, and only then will the gospel be permitted. Until then, it's business as usual in reaching the people of North Korea - underground.