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"And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them." Genesis 11:6

"Devoid of all romance, the music plays and everyone must dance" -- Don Mclean

Something strange is happening across the world, and it's something that should cause every believer in Christ to stop what they are doing and pay close attention to it, or risk becoming engulfed in this mysterious cloud of uncertainty, confusion and most of all - distraction.

As the world stood and watched what seemed to be impossible just 10 months ago (if not the past 50 years), it saw the beginning of what many are claiming is the first major step for reunification of North Korea and South Korea. Who would have thought that the North's radical leader - Kim Jung Un, would have visited the DMZ, let alone take a step over the line that divides Korea into two sections; one (the North) which is virtually living in extreme hardship, while the other (the South) is living in peace, economic stability, and a Democratic form of Government. It's hard to imagine that the world today would imagine that two rival factions would even meet to end a decades long war that until now, is still very much in play. Yet, here we are. So who do we thank for this peace demonstration, even if it is only a mere photo-op possibly orchestrated by China?

If Western media has anything to suggest as to whom deserves this credit to, then certainly, and by his own Tweets, President Trump would gladly take the credit. Of course the rest of the world would suggest that the true credit should go to South Korea's President Moon Jae-in. Regardless who takes credit for the current meeting, as well as the upcoming talks with U.S. President Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jung Un, many are patiently waiting to see the final outcome from the upcoming summit meeting. But to whose tune are they dancing to?

In order to fully understand what is happening right now, not just with North and South Korea, but also with China, Taiwan, India, as well as Syria to a small extent, and to a larger degree Iran, we are watching events unfold that compel us to re-evaluate what we see in the context of Biblical truth and prophetic understanding. This is something we need to understand (referring to the possible unification of North and South Korea) as it relates to the end times we live in. All of what we are seeing, the reoccurring themes of "peace process" and "open dialogue" between nations is simply a physical bi-product to a spiritual awakening across the world. In other words, what we are seeing being played out is the world becoming as one, under one banner, one global mindset, to what end is uncertain in the context of immediate understanding, but the end result will be world dictatorship.

Here is what the Lord spoke into my spirit of what is happening right now in our world:

There is coming a season of war. This will in some form or fashion involve China, Taiwan and the U.S., not to mention Australia and Japan. I believe that a shortened war will in fact break out in North Korea, yet this war will be short lived, allowing both Korea's to unite. Asia will find itself in a season of confrontations, but out of this will come a season of peace, and prosperity. The world as we know it will come together economically, and this is why we are hearing so much about trade right now, for it will be trade that Satan will use to lure the nations together as one. This will lead the nations into a period that the world has never seen, nor will ever see again. Imagine India, where currently people live in abstract poverty, will live in comfort and ease? Imagine China, which has a system of Authoritarian rule, will give way to Democracy? Or Russia, where the Russian bear has become subdued by the global wind of change? It's coming.

So whose tune is Kim Jung Un dancing to? Keep in mind that it was just a few months ago this same man who claims peace today, railed against the West, threatening to strike the West coast of The United States of America? Who has murdered his own family when they disagreed, or even failed to follow his commands? Or who has overseen the executions of thousands of Christians, where religion is outlawed, where owning or even possessing a bible is a death sentence? Did Kim become born again overnight? Or could it have been when Kim secretly made a visit to China several weeks ago to meet privately with Chinese leader Xi Xing Ping, and soon after his language immediately changed? Think about this folks. Evil men simply do not fade away into the night without being pushed into the darkness. Nor do evil men simply give up their power without a greater power being involved. This is why I hear in my spirit that whatever might come from the current photo-ops being showed across the world, the one who truly is playing the tune that the world is dancing to is Satan himself. For it is Satan that is orchestrating what we are seeing, and in the end, will eventually be revealed in the near future.

Until then, ours is to focus on the harvest that is before us. For there shall come a time where the church, the body of Christ shall not be able to work safely in the open, nor even in the darkness. Yet the Lord reminded me that in this upcoming season of peace that will sweep the world, it will allow the gospel to be preached into all men so that every heart, and every ear will have to opportunity to receive or reject Christ, then shall the end come. That is what is truly behind all of what we're seeing today - global change which will bring about a global revival.