The Coming War with China, Global Evangelism, and the Beginning of the End.

" And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet." Matthew 24:6

There is a stirring taking place in Asia, a stirring that can only be described as a prelude to war. Currently, as China continues its rise to power, the U.S. has found itself once again facing a potential rival that could very well tilt the axis of power away from the West and its allies, and give the world more reason to be concerned - China. There is no question that China will become a significant power within the next decade, but how it treats others around it is how the world will react, and currently, China is not showing that it desires to play fair.

The current trade war that is happening between both the U.S. and China is simply a beginning to what many fear that could be looming in the future - confrontation. Of course, no one truly wants or desires a war between two superpowers. Yet, all points seem to be leading to a rival between both nations in the near future, and I believe that it won't just be due to a trade war, but an island, or series of islands that China claims as its own. One being the small island of Taiwan.

There is no contention that could bring out hostility from China than the U.S. supporting a free Taiwan. Even though the small island would strongly desire its independence, China will not support, nor permit that from occurring. But what say the U.S.? If history is any indicator of the past, then its reasonable to assume just what the U.S. will do in the face of what it perceives to be a threat to a Democratic system - defend it. Therein lies the true problem of what could very well occur.

Yet there is another issue when we examine the rise of China in a world that by and large supports Democracy, and that is will China support freedom within its own borders? Human rights, freedom of speech and the freedom of religion are all components of a society that has matured and developed into a system whereby all people have the ability to live their life without fear of Governmental hostility. Can, or will this be said of China in the coming years? Especially when it (China) has repeatedly stated that it respects freedom of religion? This is why China is being forced to become open, policy and globalization.

I believe the race toward conflict has already, and unfortunately begun. I also believe the direction to which God has spoken to me in the past days reveal that unless he intervenes, there will come a war between China and the U.S., but it will be limited. I also believe that what will eventually occur will be a change in leadership in China, which will bring about a mass revival of the gospel in China, yet at the same time what I fear that will come with this new China is a move which will begin the process of bringing all Asian nations into alignment with the rest of the world, this would include religions, all under the banner of world peace. I contend that at some point following this global peace process that will emerge, the world will be shaken, nations will tremble and the people will finally conform itself to a new thought, a new directive and a new mindset. The Bible calls it a one world system under a man who will be its final leader.

So while we experience these current changes today, understand that what is happening in China, the U.S., North Korea, Iran as well as the Middle East, are all indicators that something is stirring, and that something is conflict, which in the end will bring about a false peace, then shall the end come.