Out with the old, in with the new

2017 has been, needless to say, a year that saw many challenges as well as changes for me and my wife. Living in China, working full time as a teacher, as well as pastoring a small church in Communist China, it's been a good year for us both. Yet for me, as a writer and author, it's been a year that has seen much of my work consumed with ministry and education. But that all changed in 2018. As you - the reader - can see, this is not an old site (thepropheticnews.com), but a new personal blog site. This marks a new direction of not just incorporating all of my past writings, but also new articles that are waiting to be written and published, along with the books that are coming within this new year.

So as we begin to transition from the old to the new, please subscribe to this new site, and enjoy the contents that are coming. I'm sure they will bless you, as well as encourage you in this walk as we venture into a new era of change that is happening all around us.